Three Easy Diet Tweaks to Reduce Your Chances of Developing Alzheimer’s

Finding the right diet can help reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Here are three simple things you can do to protect the health of your brain.

1. Switch to Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Research shows that using extra virgin olive oil can help you prevent age-related memory loss. After all, olive oil is extremely rich in anti-oxidants, which means it can protect your brain from getting damaged by free radicals. You should use it to replace sunflower oil and store-brought salad dressings.

2. Drink Green Tea Every Day

Green tea is great for you in a number of ways. It helps protect the health of your heart and even your joints. Additionally, it can lift your mood and improve your sleeping patterns.

Scientists say that green tea can reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. This is because one of the components of green tea can stop plaque buildup in your brain. This type of plaque is composed of proteins, and it damages your brain functions. Green tea can stop it from spreading.

Another way that green tea helps your cognitive functions is that it gives your brain a boost of energy. It can be a good idea to replace your daily coffee with green tea.

3. When You Want a Snack, Choose Nuts and Berries

In various experiments with mice, walnuts and almonds were shown to improve learning. But any type of nut can be good for your brain health. This is partly because they are very rich in omega-3 antioxidants. To avoid blood pressure issues, go for unsalted nuts whenever you can.

Berries can help you prevent Alzheimer’s and a number of other chronic diseases as well. They’re also great for your circulation, digestive system and your immunity.


Preventing cognitive decline is much easier than treating it. Hence, you should consider making a few small changes in the way you eat. Not only will these foods reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer’s, they’ll improve your focus as well.

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