The 5 Types of Memory and What They Do

different types of memory

Did you know that there are five different types of memory? You need each type of memory to succeed in life.

Here is a summary of the five ways that we remember things.

1. Short-Term Memory

Your short-term memory usually lasts around 30 seconds. Most of these memories aren’t meant to last longer. They naturally fade away with time and you can’t recall them later.

If you want to retain a fact, you need to commit it to your long-term memory. However, short-term memory is extremely important. You need it to talk and move around safely.

2. Long-Term Memory

Your long-term memory is responsible for all the facts you need to memorize. It also covers important events.

This means vast quantities of information. But why do you need different types of memory as well?

3. Episodic Memory

When it comes to recalling the past, you need more than just a collection of facts. Your episodic memory lets you remember a sequence of events. It puts the facts in order and lets you recall the most important parts.

Episodic memory comes with emotions. You don’t just remember what happened, you also remember how you felt about it.

4. Semantic Memory

This is a type of long-term memory. It covers words and facts about the world. You don’t know where you learned these facts and they don’t come with emotions attached.

5. Procedural Memory

Your procedural memory is responsible for your skills. This covers simple actions like walking. But complex actions like playing piano also come from your procedural memory.

Experts say people with usually have fewer problems with procedural memory than with different types of memory. Hence, people with Alzheimer’s usually retain their skills.

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