Adult Onset Dyslexia: What to Do

Adult Onset Dyslexia: What to Do

In general, people associate dyslexia with learning difficulties in children. Using specialized educational programs, kids can still thrive, even if they have dyslexia. But what about adult onset dyslexia: what can you do?

This article examines the issues surrounding adult-onset dyslexia, pitching them against the more common types of dyslexia.

What Is Adult Onset Dyslexia?

Adults with dyslexia fall into two groups. On one hand, we’ve got people who were never diagnosed during childhood. During their professional career, they may discover that they have dyslexia. In contrast, people with adult-onset dyslexia experience learning difficulties because of a brain injury or dementia.

What Type of Learning Difficulties Do People with Adult Onset Dyslexia Display?

Even though the learning difficulties vary from one individual to another, people with adult-onset dyslexia have difficulties with spelling, sound manipulation, and with rapid visual responding. These difficulties can filter into all types of communication, the use of spoken and written language, and mathematics. As a result, people with adult-onset dyslexia may have trouble completing basic everyday tasks involving words and numbers.

In an overall context, having dyslexia can have a severe impact on the quality of life of the individual. As simple task can be difficult to manage, people with dyslexia may try to hide these difficulties, while also suffering from low self-esteem.

Treatment Options

When speaking about adult onset dyslexia: what to do, seeking help is crucial. Treatments are tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual to optimize results.

Final Thoughts

The question, adult onset dyslexia: what to do, does not have a standard answer. Instead, it’s best to seek the support of a relevant organization or educational institution. Specially trained teachers can put together a treatment plan that allows the person with dyslexia to lead a full life.

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